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Mrs. Xiomara Maduro Attorney at Law


Madam Minister of Finance & Economics

Press Briefing 

Noticiero 94 News Reports

( Oranjestad, 1/22-23/2019 in Aruba )

Madam Minister of Finance & Economics of Aruba, in her press briefing explained that the new commodities decree will be enforced by officials of different government agencies such as the health department and the department of justice of the island of Aruba to ensure that all basic food products will be sold as stipulated by the commodities decree and to ensure that both the wholesales distributor and the vendors to the public are complying with the new sales tax law of January 1, 2019. In her briefing she wanted to ensure the general public of Aruba that their interest she has at heart and she wants the Aruban Population to know that must use all the information the Government is giving to the consumers in order to be knowledgeable awhat prices in specific the basic food products prices are by the commodities decree and the new sales taxation law of 2019.


Dr Paul Craig Roberts

Signature News Reporter

Global News Aruba


Mrs. Xiomara Maduro Attorney at Law


Madam Minister of Finance & Economics

Mrs. Xiomara Maduro Attorney at Law
Invites All Nationalities to Visit The Capital Building of Aruba
Madam Minister of Finance & Economics

We learned through a Facebook Posting that Juris Doctor Xiomara Maduro, Aruba's Minister of Finance & Economics of Aruba who is also the Minister of Cultural Affairs of the Island of Aruba in her position she made it known today January 21st, 2019, to Americans and other Nationals visiting Aruba and at the same token resident citizens of Aruba, to visit the Government Capital Building in Oranjestad Aruba to learn more of the life and virtues of Aruba's most prominent in memoriam Statesman Gilberto Francois ( Betico ) Croes who was a well known politician in Aruba and the entire Dutch Kingdom.

Betico was a true civil rights activist, who's charismatic way of empowering the Aruban Population to rise up for their civil rights is one that history cannot forget.

Skillful, mindful and extremely intellectual, Betico Croes was able to make the Imperialistic Dutch Government Officials at that time in history to stand still and make them sit and negotiate a deal to benefit Arubans at a round table conference in the Netherlands. 

Unlike the fear that controlled the other island politicians to only do as instructed by Holland within The Netherland Antillies, Betico had the fire within to get into motion Arubans rights of freedom of speech and of deciding how they would like for their tax money collections to be distributed. The results of that round table conference was a treaty between Aruba and Holland called the " Satus Aparte ".

According to investigative reporters from Venezuela the true facts of Betico's death is still uncertain, and the true facts of the incident and how that traffic accident truly occurred were never declassified.  According to those who knew Betico in Venezuela and his political aspirations, to them it was  most definite certain that Betico did not loose control while driving his vehicle and that the entire case is a cover up for those involved in this conspiracy.

As now Arubans look back to Betico, he is always remembered of what he truly is and was: " Aruba's greatest human rights activist for the civil rights of Arubans that the island has ever known. "

Global News Aruba

Norberto Tjon Ajong

Editor in Chief

By Hope Paul Staff News Reporter, USA
Norberto Tjon Ajong Aruban Editor in Chief, USA
Aruba Travel & Leisure News Reporters
Global News Aruba 

Aruba is " One Happy Island and a perfect destination for tourist, couples, destination weddings, honeymooners and family getaways. It is a gorgeous tropical Island with mesmerizing views, great shopping and warm, welcoming people.
When you visit Aruba, it returns the love with warmth, surprises, kindness and natural treasure. The setting, weather, clear blue skies, glistening waters, cooling trade winds, general paradise conditions, dazzling azure seas, thick green aloe plants, the treasures of the sea life and value-rich history are just a few things that describe this happy Island.


The hotels: Aruba is also home to some of the best hotels in the Caribbean. You can find some classic hotels like a Marriott Resort, Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, The Ritz-Carlton, The Aruba Hyatt Regency, Aruba Resort and Casino, Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino, Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino, Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa, and The Old Man and the Sea Ocean Villas.

Beaches: Aruba is home to so many beautiful beaches with pristine white sand, pure alabaster sand and turquoise water. You can just drive by and stop whenever you like to swim or chill out without paying a fee. From the luxury resorts, water sports meccas and secluded coves, Aruba beaches offers something special for everyone.

The Food: Aruba has fantastic restaurants with great dining scenes. There are good selections of food on the menu; most of the restaurants offer private service where the manager goes from table to table to recommend dishes to you based on your preference. The restaurants are managed by award-winning culinary chefs.

The Colorful festivals: From the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festivals to Soul Beach Music Festival. Arubans love to party safely, be it a major music concert, national holiday, weekly folkloric shows at night, these things make Aruba an Always One Happy Island, making you want to keep coming back for more again and again. And the most powerful event of it all is the present Aruba Carnival Event of January and February 2019. ( visit www.ARUBA.com for more info )

Friendly people: Arubans are so proud of their small paradise, they are warm and friendly people that generally enjoy meeting a new friend, and showing off their homes. Most families love to attend the free nightly fountain light shows at Paseo Herencia Mall in Palm Beach. Or shopping down town at Caya Betico-Croes, the Renaissance Mall or The Royal Plaza Mall with unique  Stores.

High standard of living: Aruba has one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean, the economy is prosperous, the people are friendly and travelers are free to interact with everyone. So whether you’re dining in the capital or diving in the warm waters to the south, there’ll likely be an Aruban enjoying the same activities and eager to share cool tips and stories with you.

Adventure: Aruba is also a perfect destination for people who love adventure. It offers up unique experiences for thrill-seekers, you can visit the gold-miner by trekking through actual historical grounds and remnants from lucrative gold mining days in Aruban history and finish off with a Balashi beer, the hometown brew of Aruba. If you want to take a horseback tour, then you have to visit the Arikok National Park known to the local as Conchi. The park is where volcanic rocks formed a secluded oasis and a perfect spot for snorkeling, scuba diving and hiking.

Finally, Aruba is indeed a 'One Happy Island', that offers a unique opportunity for tourist who are seeking for a perfect destination to relax while enjoying their holiday.

Hope Paul & Norberto Tjon Ajong Staff News Reporters of Global News Aruba Inc. in the United States of America
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"Dems Reject Trump’s Proposed Deal to End Government Shutdown"

by Stephen Lendman

Freelance Journalism Reports

Global News Aruba

On day 30 and counting, it’s the longest partial government shutdown in US history, surpassing the previous record 21-day shutdown in 1995-96.

It began over Republicans’ pledge to balance the budget, part of the so-called Newt Gingrich/Dick Armey “Contract with America.” It ended when polls showed public opinion turned against the GOP, blaming Republicans more than Dems.

"US/North Korea Summit 2.0"

by Stephen Lendman

Freelance Journalism Reports

Global News Aruba

Over seven months after Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un held summit talks in Singapore, the US failed to take any meaningful good will steps toward fulfilling mutually agreed on principles.

Washington doesn’t negotiate in good faith, failing to deal with other countries fairly, seeking global dominance over all other nations, not mutually cooperative relations.

( image courtesy of Boston Globe )

"Trump to Restrict Imports of Chinese Tech Producers?"

by Stephen Lendman

Freelance Journalism Reports

Global News Aruba

Trump is reportedly preparing an executive order to restrict imports of designated Chinese telecom companies like Huawei – on the phony pretext of national security if he goes this far. What’s in play is wanting US companies to have a leg up over Chinese competitors, especially over high-tech giants like Huawei and ZTE. Huawei is leading the race to roll out 5G technology. The company also refused to install NSA backdoors for intelligence gathering.


"USS Donald Cook Heads To Black Sea – US Navy"

Military News Expert

Ian Greenhalgh

Contributor & Freelance Journalism 

United Kingdom

Global News Aruba

USS Donald Cook heads to Black Sea – US navy

The guided-missile destroyer USS Donald Cook began its transit of the Dardanelles Strait heading into the Black Sea, the US 6th Fleet’s press service said on Saturday.

“The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) began its north-bound transit of the Dardanelles Strait, en route to the Black Sea Jan. 19, 2019, to conduct maritime security operations and enhance regional maritime stability, combined readiness and naval capability with our NATO allies and partners in the region,” says the statement.

“The United States and the U.S. Navy continue to stand alongside our allies and partners in support of shared regional interests and maritime stability,” the US 6th Fleet said in a statement.

In early January, the dock landing ship USS Fort McHenry was reported to pass through the Dardanelles Strait into the Black Sea.

Russian Navy tracks movements of USS Donald Cook in Black Sea

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is monitoring movements of the US guided-missile destroyer USS Donald Cook, which had entered the Black Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry’s National Defense Control Center said on Saturday.

“Forces of the Black Sea Fleet have begun tracking the guided-missile destroyer USS Donald Cook immediately after she made a transit into the Black Sea,” the center said.

According to the center, “the Black Sea Fleet guard ship Pytlivy began tracking the movements of the US naval ship immediately.” Besides, the US ship will be monitored with the help of the fleet’s electronic and technical means.

USS Donald Cook entered the Black Sea at 8.50 p.m., the National Defense Control Center specified.

The top brass recalled that under the Montreux Convention, which regulates transit and navigation through the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits, the USS Donald Cook cannot stay in the Black Sea longer than 21 days, as a naval warship belonging to a country without a Black Sea coastline.

Earlier in the day, the US 6th Fleet’s press service reported that the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Donald Cook began its transit of the Dardanelles Strait heading into the Black Sea “to conduct maritime security operations and enhance regional maritime stability, combined readiness and naval capability with our NATO allies and partners in the region.”.

[email protected]

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the News Reporter Mr Ian Greenhalgh

"Tulsi Gabbard Will Run For President; Deep State Should Be Scared" 

by Jonas Alexis

Historian & World Events Journalism

South Korea            

Global News Aruba

Tulsi Gabbard, the intrepid congresswoman and Iraq war veteran who has over the years given the Neocons and war machine heart attacks, is running for president in 2020. “I have decided to run and will be making a formal announcement within the next week,” she told CNN.

Obviously this is not a comfortable position for the Deep State and the Neocons, the people who have spent trillions upon trillions of tax dollars in the Middle East destroying lives and livelihood. Why? Gabbard tells us exactly:

“There are a lot of reasons for me to make this decision. There are a lot of challenges that are facing the American people that I’m concerned about and that I want to help solve. There is one main issue that is central to the rest, and that is the issue of war and peace. I look forward to being able to get into this and to talk about it in depth when we make our announcement.”

The Aruba House of Parliament
Distinguished MP Members
Noticiero 94 News Reports

MP Member of The House of Aruba's Parliament
Aruba ( Rep MEP ) Senator ( Mr Endy Croes 
"The Aruba Political Leader of AVP threw his own cabinet member Paul Croes under the Bus "
( Oranjestad Aruba 01.21-22.2019)
The MEP Members of Parliament held their press briefing to enlighten the Aruba People on a fraud case ( IBIS ) of a former Politician of Aruba. MP Endy Croes spoke about what the prosecutor of the case had as evidence of fraud against the defendant.
According to Senator Endy Croes there is for sure hard evidence to prove it. For he himself looked into the hard copy documents presented by the Prosecutor in this IBIS Fraud Government Case of the former administration.
We learned from this press briefing that Senator Croes wants to inform the Aruba People that they were taken advantage of by the former government officials of AVP Political Party because there is hard evidence that they did not practice ethical standards as public sworn servants to the uphold the constitution of Aruba and to serve to the best interest of the Aruban People and that these violations are grave as servant of the People who elected them into office.
MP Endy Croes is from the opinion that there may possibly be current members of parliament of the AVP party who might be called upon this ongoing investigation and court case on fraud charges by government officials yet to us of Global News Aruba this is uncertain.

Listen to Noticiero 94 News Reports for more on 

Aruba ( Rep. MEP ) Senator Endy Croes his press briefing to our affiliate in Aruba. John Habibe & Norberto Tjon Ajong Aruban News Reporters in Aruba & USA

Candelario Wever Leader of the UPP Political Party :

" More Debt and irregularities in the Waste Management Project " 

( Oranjestad Aruba 01.21-22.2019)

Former Minister of Aruba Candelario Wever now turned into an activist for placing The Native Aruban first has taken it upon himself to continue monitoring the current Government of Aruba. Since he was in the past during his former position of Minister of Health and the EPA Environmental Protection Agency and Waste management he has been very critical of the current Administration and the Minister Otmar Oduber. He is of the opinion that the waste management project has a friends with benefits component to it which makes only a greater then should expenditure for this project and also a non kosher dealings with those involved.

Listen to Noticiero 94 News Reports for more on 

drs. Candelario Wever his press briefing to our affiliate in Aruba.

John Habibe & Norberto Tjon Ajong

Aruban News Reporters in Aruba & USA


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