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Mr. Dangui Oduber

The Minister of Tourism of Aruba 


Minister of Tourism his excellency Mr Dangui Oduber briefed our affiliate in Aruba the Noticiero 94 Independent News Agency, of the positive outlook of the Tourism Business Plan he has envisioned and executed since he took office as the Minister of Tourism. Primarily he gave us as Press a positive outlook on for the future of Aruba and also gave the last year of 2018 final description of how Aruba's General Tourism Financial Data Income was for the year 2018 in comparison of the previous 2017.

So he informed, quote " Our Nation Aruba has increased in a record breaking over stay visitors and cruise ship visitors for the year 2018. We were concerned as the year opened for 2018 due to the situation at our close to border Nation Venezuela yet we were blessed with a total increase and final record breaking of 815,000 thousand cruise ship visitors in our Nation Capital Oranjestad Shipyard. For Aruba its the highest cruise ship visitors our island has ever known. In 2017 our national income of the Tourism Industry was at 3 Billion Aruban Florins and for the last year of 2018 we increased at a national income from the tourism industry at 3.3 Billion Aruban Florins, a 10 % increase of 300 Million Aruban Florins for 2018 versus 2017. What is even more remarkable is that we have now in the present, if we look at the 2018 data figures, a Tourism of quality because with that being said the expenditures of our current present tourist is one that spends more in comparison to the past. The stay over receipt per night averages at an increase of $ 227.00 Avg USA Dollars per Night that our current tourist spends per person on our island during their holiday and for the month of December we even went higher in comparison to years before with an increase of expenditure receipt by and per tourist average spending at $ 350.00 US Dollars per day stay in Aruba. Which Data Figures are primarily from our visitors from the United States which over stay to Aruba has increased and given a positive outlook for and into the future. We are positively developing with a positive outlook for the Aruba's future Economy. With that being said we must let our Arubans know that the future outlook for Aruba looks positive based that our mayor industrial GDP Economic Income which is Tourism is strong and growing. Our Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes, myself and the Minister of Economics affair Mrs. Xiomara Maduro, have agreed that we have reached the maximum capacity at our National Airport when it comes to provide services to Airlines and we are at a no other alternative to expand our Airport in order to provide enough needed services in the Airline Industry that is more demanding of us as a Tourism Destination to be able to remain competitive with the Global World Requirements in the Airline Industry in particular destination such as ours which needs to remain competitive and innovative as a Tourism Industry Nation. We have already started on this project, and we are letting our Aruban People know that we must invest 275 Million US Dollars in our National Airport in order to grow our Economy Efficiently and with a vision into the future since the demand to visit Aruba is growing as a Tourism Industry Destination, and for that we must be grateful and remain more optimistic as Arubans."

John Alex Habibe Aruban Anchor News Reporter Noticiero 94
Posted Report by Norberto Tjon Ajong Aruban Editor in Chief 

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"Madam Xiomara Maduro Attorney at Law"
"Madam Minister of Finance & Economics of Aruba"


We have learned that Madam Minister of Finance & Economics of Aruba Mrs. Xiomara Maduro in her Government Administrative position visited the local Aruban dignitaries of India in Aruba who invited her to assist an official event to recognize the 70th year anniversary which date was to remember and recognize that on the 26th of January in the year 1950 the Government of India replaced the 1935 Act and introduced its Constitution which still holds to this day the civil rights and government laws and regulations of the Nation of India which became an independent and sovereign nation from British rule. Same as yesterday in India were women marched in the Military Parade and for the first time in history a woman Lt. Bhavana Kasturi led a 144 male military personnel, with the same interest our Aruba Lady Minister of Finance Attorney Mrs. Xiomara Maduro greeted the Aruba Indian Ladies present during this celebration and the other distinguished guest at this official event by the Indian Community of India which took place in Oranjestad the capital city of Aruba.

Report from the Editor in Chief
Norberto Tjon Ajong
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Juris Doctor Evelyn Wever-Croes

Madam Prime Minister

Aruba Government News

Noticiero Hit 94 Aruba Press

( Oranjestad, January 7th - 13th, 2019) In a short press briefing to our affiliate in Aruba, Madam Prime Minister of Aruba informed the Aruban Community that she has given the Commercial Private Business Sector in Aruba an extension to implement the new 2019 Sales Tax Law of the island in Aruba in their day to day business transactions. Since this indirect taxation was approved and passed in the House of Parliament the business sector is still showing the sales tax transactions separate on print on the sales receipts and invoices yet according to the law it must be included in the sales price of the products and services. Juris Doctor Evelyn Wever Croes had recently a meeting with the business sector of Aruba and in her position as Prime Minister she approved for her government administration to authorize an extension of six months to those who did not make the necessary changes as its stipulated by this new tax law. 

She, Prime Minister Wever-Croes, further announced that the Government of Aruba will continue to monitor, coach and give a helping hand to the Aruba Business Sector to ensure that this transition will go as it should and without complications or abuse of power.

The new Aruba Tax Law has three phases which the first one is now since January 1st, 2019 in full force. The second will go into effect in the summer of this year 2019 and third will start end if this year 2019 and into the year 2020.

According to Aruba's Prime-Minister, the "New Tax Wever Croes Aruba Taxation Law of 2019" and into the future main objective is to bring a fair & balanced and just taxation law for everyone in Aruba, based on income and on a fair to everyone implemented Tax Law and free of abuse of power or favoritism.

Noticiero 94 News Reports

John Alex Habibe & Norberto Tjon Ajong

Aruban News Reporters in Aruba & USA

Contact: [email protected] 


Mr. Otmar Enrique Oduber

Minister of Aruba EPA & Infrastructure 

( EPA Aruba Environmental Protection Agency )


( Oranjestad, January 9th - 13th, 2019 - Noticiero 94.1 FM & Global News Aruba )

In a press briefing to our affiliate based in Aruba Noticiero 94 in Aruba we learned that the Minister of ARUBA EPA & Infrastructure Mr. Otmar E. Oduber implemented a steering committee formed by the Utilities Company of Aruba 'WEB' in conjunction with a team effort of his own cabinet government members in order to research in how to resolve not only the outdated method that the island of Aruba has been using in disposal waste management of the island.

For many years complaints by the citizens living close to the waste land location were voiced to the government. An amicable solution on both side by previous governments was never justified by the island's community. That is one of the reasons that Minister Otmar Oduber placed this steering committee under the Wever-Croes government administration and now these team members are at the point of taking in consideration companies either domestic or foreign that are in the industry of waste management and with innovative knowledge in the industry and which can have an ecological friendly method and solution of turning Aruba capable to have the most advanced and effective waste management solution on board in that way making Aruba a forefront in the Caribbean Region with the most advanced waste disposal method which will not cause harm to the Tourism Beauty that Aruba is known for.

For many years different Government Administration of the island of Aruba had taken in consideration options but to this day it has not been implemented away from the old fashion way. For years also Aruba Governments had promised citizens living close to this waste land government managed location of a solution of the effects given to those who live close to it.

Minister of EPA and a tourism and ecologist Mr Otmar Oduber, has taken it upon himself to make this his priority. He is known on the island of Aruba to raise on to top office in Politics from a branch in Government always to do with Tourism as a former Minister of Tourism and also the first politician to actively modernize the Aruba Tourism Administration of Aruba of what it is today, so on those terms and conditions he is now fighting to resolve the years of neglect of the Aruba waste land management past history into a more innovative modernized Eco-friendly cost effective solution. He wants a more modernized method and cost effective method to rather recycle the waste the Island Produces and at a higher level because he desires the citizens of Aruba and the Tourism Stakeholders which keep the Economy of Aruba going in its entirety to pay less out of pocket and in the same way help the Aruba Economy to revive itself at the same time by lowering waste household cost expenditures.

Noticiero 94 News Reports

John Alex Habibe & Norberto Tjon Ajong

Aruban News Reporters in Aruba & USA

Contact: [email protected] 

Norberto Tjon Ajong
News Report 
Editor in Chief



Ms. Sue Ann Ras MEd. MEP MP Member of Parliament Aruba

(Rep. MEP) Aruban Senator of Movimiento Electoral di Pueblo

(MEP - Movimiento Electoral di Pueblo Wikipedia)

Oranjestad & USA, 11-15-18 John Habibe & Norberto Tjon Ajong  

Aruban News Reporters in Aruba & USA Global News Aruba

Aruba Senator Ms. Sue Ann Ras (Rep. MEP ) explained in more detail her point of view, during a Press Interview with our affiliate in Aruba Noticiero 94, and because she is a representative in the Aruba's Parliament of the community as a whole she gave us her lookout point on the current Political Spectrum in Aruba which she then shared the following,: < When asked about how she feels about the leader of one of the majority political parties  the AVP Mr Mike Eman still as leader of this political party in Aruba she answered, quote " With all due respect to Mr Mike Eman but if He as a Politician truly cared about the Aruban People as the holder of so many votes by Aruban Citizens in the past election he should be in the Aruba Parliament showing his face and only if he would come into the Parliament he should then voice his Opinion to and as a representative of the Aruban People as a Member of Parliament. Just screaming out his personal views and opinions in their Political Party AVP Press Conferences sounds more like Propaganda Tactics to make himself look good after sinking our Aruba National in debt into were it is today, chaotic, because of his administrations dubious and deceitful past government decisions as a former Prime Minister of Aruba." In her response to why she beliefs that The Netherlands partner in the Kingdom allowed the National Debt of Aruba to go so deep in expenditures by the previous Eman Government Administration she ( Aruba Senator Sue Ann Ras ) answered : that is a question I ask myself everyday. Even more so when documents come on our desks in specific reports and data from the Aruba Generals Accounting Office + (AR) we can not find a correct justification for those reports. Nothing makes sense basically in those reports of the Aruba Generals Accounting Office. It seems that the previous Eman Administration was advised not to act or follow their own bad decision but the Eman Government Administration "capriciously" went their way in spending of Public Government Funds of the Aruban People anyways although they were advised of the consequences of taking Aruba's National Debt too deep into what we are facing today due to serious bad governance by the Eman Administration. An Aruba with a National Debt that the true factual responsible is one and only Mr Mike Eman and his Administration which was in political government administration power before in Aruba " She was further before closing asked how she foresees this current Wever-Croes Government Administration and the future in Aruba Politics, and she answered, quote " Aruba is facing major challenges, and obviously after bad governance comes reality, we need now to uphold the true ethical rules in place that a true and honest government should, and cannot make up our own rules as the previous government was running the Nation Aruba. We understand the fear and discomfort the current policies of the present administration has brought forward in the Aruban Families but we are working hard to solve many many serious Socio-Economic problems the Eman Administration left behind that we ask for patience and tolerance from the Aruba community, its an avalanche of issues due to bad governance by Mike Eman and his Cabinet Members during their 8 years time period in political power." At closing " I appreciate this interview at Noticiero 94 and this opportunity yet we as a Nation and as Aruban must seriously ask ourselves how to discern what lies upon a politician and what I can do myself to contribute to Aruba. We all must work together and the dependence on politics to solve ALL PROBLEMS must hopefully end in our Aruba society. We all have a responsibility as Mothers and Fathers and all else as true Arubans to our Nation and our families to solve all our problems together when it concerns whats best for our Nation Aruba. "



(AVP POLTICAL PARTY WIKIPEDIA) (Rep. AVP) Aruba Senator Mervin Wyatt-Ras

AVP - Arubaanse Volks Party Aruba's People Party MP Member Oranjestad & USA, 11-20-18

NOTICIERO 94 NEWS REPORTS JohN Habibe & Norberto Tjon Ajong 

Aruban News Reporters in Aruba and The United States Global News Aruba

(Rep. AVP) Aruba Senator Mervin Wyatt informed the Press that Quality Medical Care on the island of Aruba must be first rather then just letting MD Degree Medical Doctors who do not have the training, knowledge, experience and education qualifications to practice Medicine in Aruba. She is from the standpoint that The Netherlands has for years been a watch dog to ensure that MD's do qualify in Aruba. Senator Mervin Wyatt from Aruba, wants to keep the same standards as the Netherlands and or European Union or equivalent. Experienced Senator Wyatt is not satisfied with current Minister of Health Oduber because she has specific questions before he implements a plan to fill the vacant positions in Aruba with MD's from example Costa Rica and Colombia.  She recently visited a meeting were many healthcare industry members from Aruba were present. It was from the standpoint that International Quality Healthcare requirements should be taken in consideration to move Aruba's Healthcare to a higher level for all who seek Medical Care on the island. Since Aruba has no real Malpractice Law against wrongful practice of Medicine she is now as a Aruba Senator more vigilant in making sure this change takes place.  As an AVP MP Member of Parliament in acting in her civil duty, she interviewed several stakeholders in the Medical Field in Aruba to get to know if its stry that Aruba Minister of Health engaged with all Medical Staff with Key Position on the island Healthcare Industry. Was there an unanimous agreement with all stakeholders in the Aruba Healthcare Industry and the Minister of Health ?? As he so said in his address to the House Members of Parliament ?? She is unsure if that is true. He has not answered her question on some specifics she desires to know. Following the standard of the Netherlands were Healthcare Professionals register in the CBIG required application process to be approved to practice Medicine in The Netherlands the now Aruba Minister of Health wants that same procedure for Aruba, the ARUBABIG registry. (Rep. AVP) Aruba Senator Mervin Wyatt in her Press Briefing informed the Aruba community that from now forward do not keep silent, if there is medical malpractice please let the necessary authorities know. Aruba Senator Mervin Wyatt of Aruba is from the point of view that those in the Education Sector on the island should also prepare young men and women who desire to study Medicine abroad to have the valuable information needed to ensure that they Country they are going to Medical School also qualify for recognition for upon return to Aruba their MD Degree would be accepted when registering in the ARUBA-BIG Medical School registration system in order to be able to pratice Medicine on the island.