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By Hope Paul Global News Aruba Intern Journalist

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The 65th edition of the Aruba Carnival has been scheduled to hold from the 5th of January till the 3rd of March 2019.

The Carnival which is a two months long celebration that culminates into a Grand Parade includes weeks of colorful events such as throbbing music, electrifying jumps, torch parades, King and Queens’s elections, decorated floats, children parade, and the grand finale.

Aruba Carnival is not a one-day event; rather, it is a two months carnival that commences with the first parade on the streets of Oranjestad. Usually, the parades were filled with burning torches which have now been replaced with colorful and bright lights; those participating in the parade have these lights decorated all over their body as accessories to glow in the dark paint.

 Loud beats of traditional Aruba music, and singing fills the Island when the Carnival starts in full. The Carnival schedule is usually packed with so many weekly events such as live music, Jump-ins, Calypso, festivals, King and Queen Elections, celebrations for children, contests, parties, and parades.

Aruba Carnival ends in March with the Burning of King Momo, after which the entire Island goes on hiatus, known as Carnival Monday and also the official day of rest in Aruba.

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By Global News Aruba 

Staff Writer Hope Paul

Known for its perfect weather, legendary beaches, sparkling warm seas, authentic dishes, and friendly people, Aruba is a charming and adventurous Island perfect for family fun vacation, honeymoon or tourist activities. Top attraction at Aruba is the Island vibe that makes you feel relaxed, and the calm wind that keeps you cool in the pleasant 82-degree weather; you will also find countless ways to explore the wonders of nature on this amazing Island. Why visit Aruba on your next vacation?

  • The vibrant nightlife: Aruba has the best nightlife in the Caribbean. The cool evening breeze on the Island comes with sounds of Caribbean rhythms, dance and laughter.  The exciting casinos, lively clubs, carnival celebrations, beachfront lounges make it easy for you to relax with family members and share some lifetime moment.  
  • The Stunning Beaches: Aruba is home to so many beautiful beaches with pristine white sand, pure alabaster sand and turquoise water. You can just drive by and stop whenever you like to swim or chill out without paying a fee. From the luxury resorts, water sports meccas and secluded coves, Aruba beaches offers something special for everyone.
  • The Island Vibe: There are over 100 nationalities living happily on the Island at present. While on vacation, you can relax, feel free and even go anywhere while wearing your bikini without people staring at you. Beyond the sands, you will discover the sea full of life, the pastel streets lined with shows, the fascinating and authentic culture.
  • The rich Aruba Culture: Aruba culture is evident in the spirited rhythms, dance, arts that fill the street, homes and galleries.  There is also a weekly Carubbian or Bonbini Festivals with lively sounds of steel drums and calypso. Around all corners, you will find Aruban’s dancing, celebrating and ready to share their rich culture with you.
  • The Authentic meals: Aruba has fantastic restaurants with great dining scenes. There are good selections of food on the menu; most of the restaurants offer private service where the manager goes from table to table to recommend dishes to you based on your preference.
  • The Arikok National Park: If you want to take a horseback tour, then you have to visit the Arikok National Park known to the local as Conchi. The park is where volcanic rocks formed a secluded oasis and a perfect spot for snorkeling, scuba diving and hiking
  • The local arts: You can also head to the street of Oranjestad which is the Islands capital to shop for colorful wood crafts, photography, jewellery from local artists.  This art can be kept in your home when you return to your destination.

Finally, Aruba has lots of opportunities that will leave you with lasting memories for a lifetime. With a fun-loving population, glorious beaches, crystal clear air, a bounty of natural attractions, balmy weather, rocky coastal landscapes, and a friendly atmosphere, this beautiful Island is wonderfully positioned for all the fun you can think of.

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