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One: November 20, 2018: 
A picture of the Tijuana Mayor Juan Guestelum , wearing a hat stating "Make Tijuana Great Again". Mimicking Trumps famous signature " Make America Great Again ".
On November 21,2018
Tijuana's resident's starting to protest against , the central American caravans . With signs held high and voices raised , shouting " Go Home". 
A question comes to mind . Why the Tijuana border to San Diego and Not the Texas border ? From Mexico city to Tijuana is 1,716 miles . From Mexico city to the Texas the border is 737 miles , that's a 979 mile difference .
Tijuana Mayor Guestelum, backs Trump towards this influx of illegal  immigrations and crime. The majority of the caravan are single males ' military age" . Multiple arrests have been made, for drug possession, and disturbing the peace ; Hundreds more are suspected criminals .
Mexico has offered asylum . Temporary ID papers , Jobs and education for their children. Which has only been met with rebuttals of hostility . Why would Mexico , be met with hostility by the very ones seeking asylum.
The US is processing a 100 applicants a day in San Diego . More than 2,100 migrants have been diagnosed with respiratory infections . Raising concern among the Mexican international humanitarian organization's The US Centers for Diseases Control and prevention , has recommended , screening process for migrants entering the US. The check list of guidelines includes screening for hepatitis, HIV, parasites , malaria , tuberculosis , , mental health and more . The US law requires " All immigrants " and refugees to undergo a medical screening to identify inadmissible health conditions .
The rage the Left side holds against Trump , of the November 30, 2018 clash between the central American caravan and border patrol. Of its usage of pepper spray and rubber billets . As the Sothern border was being attacked, with many rushing the border with aggression and throwing rocks at border agents , Trying to reach US soil. Many and the Left side  seem to have forgotten that in 2016 Obama ordered the usage of pepper spray, rubber bullets and high power water on its own American  citizens , protesting the Dakota pipeline.
December 1, 2018
Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte , Boycotting Controversial United Nations meeting. As Italy has also faced a rise of immigration . In the last four years an influx has been seen of 600,000 immigrants . A rise of crime ; including heroin and cocaine . With the youth unemployment still hovered above 30 percent , among the worst in Europe .
August 2,2018
President Trump and Prime Minister Conte visit to the White House was a smashing success . Prime Minister Conte sang praises to President Trump for " positions and stances with expressed clarity" on such said topics .
December 8, 2018
The French riots are rising even more , As taxes are increasing and the European economy falling fast . As the French protestors stating they want Trump. Because they have recognized, that in 2016 , The American people found the courage to elect a President, who would be willing to stand up against the United Forces of Marxism, Globalism and Political correctness.
In closing , Why are countries being attacked for choosing to protect their own citizen's? Isn't that a humanitarian issue ? When a President, Prime Minister or a Monarchy are being attacked for wanting to protect their own citizens .   
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Sarah Manuel 

Editorial Writer

Global News Aruba

Under the Obama administration: At least 7 were married or related to someone who was and or is a  US journalist

For example
ABC New President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall Top National Security Adviser to President Obama.
The Posts Justice Department reporter Sari Horwitz is married to William B Schultz the general counsel of human services .
Former CBS and ABC reporter Linda Douglass started working for the Obama administration in May 2008 until June 2010. She then worked for the Atlantic Media as communications chief until June 2013
These relations are Not the cause of the Medias Corruption : they are the symptom of it . The Media will always be guarding Obamas place Aggressively .
On Oct 29 2018 at a White house briefing , it was said, in a couple of statements  .
Jim Acosta CNN
Shouldn't you reserve the term enemy for the people who are actually the enemy of the United States rather than Journalist ?

Sarah Sanders , White House Press Secretary
The Presidents not referencing all , he's talking about the growing of Fake News that exists in the country and the Presidents calling them out .

Jim Acosta CNN
Since you mentioned that, the President said this morning that the true enemy of the people must stop open and obvious hostility , report the news accurately and fairly . Can you state for the record which outlets that you and the President regards as the enemy of the people ?

Sarah Sanders
Im not going to walk through a list , but I think those individuals probably know who they are .

As an American , I see more propaganda form the left than, Than I see a clear biased journalistic integrity being held   . I Feel there is an unfairly Bipartisan towards President Trump

Which I feel with the medias biased approach., The News is being unfairly reported .
In these last 2 years , President Trump has accomplished a great deal . That no President has been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time . In my humble opinion .

Iran : The Nuclear Diplomacy
Starting in November 1967
September 26,2018 
President Trump speaks at the UN General Assembly in New York . To withdraw from the JCPOA  - related sanctions in Iran . Additional sanctions will resume on November the 5th 2018

North Korea
The North and South Korea War broke out in 1950 and did not end until 1953 . On October 1st 1953 . A very large hostile border separated the two countries for 65 years .
Until April 27,2018 when a peace treaty was finally signed bringing both countries back together again after 65 years of a horrific and heartbreaking history . The dismantling of key factors concerning the border has started on July 2018 

ISIS strong hold in the middle east from 1999 -2018 in 2014 with ISIS controlling more than 34,000 square miles in Syria and Iraq . In 2015 ISIS was believed to be holding 3,500 people as slaves . 222,114 civilians have been killed in Syria from March 2011- September 2018 . In March 2017 800 medical personal have died in the Syrian conflict . The Same month President Trump US backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)

Unlike Obama pulling out our Troops in December 18, 2011 . Leaving that region more unsteady than ever . With lack of effective leadership in Iraq and its neighbor in the West , Syria . ISIS easily captured territory in Mosul . When President Trump took office ISIS controlled 23,000 square miles , loosing 13,000 square miles by November 2016 and shrunk the ISIS territory by another 9300 square miles by October 2017 . leaving only 4% of its original territory .  

Least us not forget . The American economy since President Trump has been in office for these last 2 years .
nearly 3 million jobs have been created .

304,000 manufacturing jobs . Highest level since December 2008

337,000 construction jobs have been created . the highest since 2008

Under President Trump , the unemployment rate has dropped 3.6 the lowest rate since April 2000, and job openings have reached 6.6 million , the highest level ever recorded 

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Sarah Manuel

Editorial Writer
GLOBAL NEWS ARUBA United States of America
' illegal immigration and the change in immigration laws ' 2018 Oct.
In regards to the influx of illegal immigration and the change in immigration laws, they have a large impact on today's society from country to country. Depending how their ruling figure head (Monarchy, Democracy ect.) changes the immigration laws, has a wide spread influence on how the country withstands the loss of its own people and the gain of different nationalities. 38 countries have borders protecting them from the crossing of illegal immigrants.  
One example to look at on specific changes to said laws would be when Obama was in office versus Trump. 
We as a country have a populations of 328.9 million residents with 22.1 million of which are illegal immigrants. With that, we face a rise in illegal firearms, drugs, and sex-trafficking. Our tax payers having to pay 135 billion dollars that we spend on housing, food, and benefits which illegal immigrants have full access too before becoming a national citizen. Which leaves the rest of local, state, and federal governments having to pay the difference of 116 billion dollars a year. The other 46.3% of our illegal immigrants are housed in prisons. 23% of which are from federal prisons which equates to our tax payers having to pay 532.3 million dollars annually to house. 
What is this really saying to the people, who have chosen to become nationalized citizens ? With the Trump Administration in office, we have seen 43% of these cases being taken care of with either being detained or deported back home from the year 2017-2018. During the years the Obama Administration was in office from 2008-2016, only 35% of the cases have been taken care of either being detained and or deported. With talk of a wall being built, in the southern border of the US. The estimated cost being around 70 million to build and about 150 million a year to maintain. Reaching around 21.6 Billion in total . Saving the American tax payers around 114 billion a year.  
In closing, I urge you to compare the immigration speeches that Obama gave (2014 Nov. 20) compared to the one Trump gave (2016 Sept. 1).  
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