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'ExhibitDay Announces Launch of Its Free Service for Exhibitors and Trade Show Teams'
ExhibitDay announces the Public Beta launch of its free service to help exhibitors track and manage their exhibits and discover new trade shows.
Bethesda, MD, January 25, 2019 ExhibitDay, Inc. today announced the official launch of the Public Beta of its SaaS web app. ExhibitDay helps trade show managers, coordinators and exhibitors track and manage their exhibits.

The company is offering a limited number of Professional licenses for users that sign up during the Public Beta period at no charge.

The service is positioned as a super easy-to-use tool targeted to small and medium sized trade show teams and exhibitors. While, today, there are a few enterprise-grade software offerings (targeted to Fortune 1000 companies) that compete in this space, there is currently no other service available that is as easy-to-use, as affordable and offers as many exhibitor-centric features as ExhibitDay. As a result, small to medium sized trade show teams are stuck with disjointed solutions and use spreadsheets, online calendars, or rely on their email inboxes to track and manage the shows they attend.

The ExhibitDay service is offered on a freemium basis. ExhibitDay’s Lite plan includes all the basic tools that trade show teams need to organize and track their exhibits -- at no cost. The Professional plan (offered at an affordable per user license pricing model) unlocks more advanced features including: Budgeting and ROI Tracking, Custom Fields and Granular Access Control for team members.

A handful of core features are available for the Public Beta release of the service:

1. Event Tracking
Users have the ability to organize all the exhibitor-related event information including: event dates and times, venue information, important documents (such as exhibitor prospectus, exhibit hall floor plan, exhibit rules, etc.) and booth set-up / dismantle schedules.

2. Exhibit Booth Management
Users have the ability to track booth information for each event such as: booth reservation status, booth size, booth number as well as all the booth services that they require (i.e. electricity, lead retrieval, carpet, etc.).

3. Travel Management
Users have the ability to track all the travel and lodging bookings through the system. Travel bookings and invoices for each event attendee are automatically organized by the system.

4. User Management
Users can assign different levels of access (workspace admin/team member/guest) for each member of the team. The flexible access control mechanism allows team managers to granularly control access to each function of the system.

5. Document Management
Users have the ability to assign and tag all the event related attachment such as: invoices, travel reservation documents, exhibit rules, leads, etc.

For the limited duration of the Public Beta period, users can sign up and reserve their Professional license of for the service at no charge by visiting:

ExhibitDay is currently working on a number of new features that will get released once the Public Beta period ends. These features most notably include: Team member To-Do Lists and Tasks, Advanced ROI Tracking, and an Event Discovery Marketplace.

About ExhibitDay

ExhibitDay helps trade show teams and exhibitors track and manage their exhibits and discover new trade shows. ExhibitDay has been under development since 2018 by an experienced team of exhibitors and technology enthusiasts based in the Washington DC area.

Media Relations
[email protected]
(855) 827-7570

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'DRB Capital Files Lawsuit Against Corey Simpson and Alleged Co-Conspirators'
The Lawsuit Alleges a Violation of Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practice Act, Tortious Interference.
Delray Beach, FL, January 25, 2019 DRB Capital, LLC (“DRB Capital”) announced the company has filed a lawsuit against Corey Simpson, Canal Structured Consultants LLC, John Doe and Richard Roe for a variety of alleged illegal acts. The complaint alleges the systematic theft of DRB Capital’s information and interference with DRB Capital’s contracts. The allegations include three counts of tortious interference and one count of misappropriation of trade secrets. DRB Capital is seeking an injunction, attorneys’ fees, costs, and additional legal and or equitable relief deemed just and proper by the court. The complaint was filed with the Florida Circuit Court in Palm Beach County Court.

A spokesman for the company said, “In DRB’s opinion, a number of bad actors are engaged in illegal, unfair and abusive/deceptive behaviors and these firms have besieged legitimate companies and consumers in this market. We are committed to rooting them out and bringing them to justice with direct legal actions against the individuals responsible for this reprehensible conduct.”

DRB Capital recently established the “Stop Structured Settlement Fraud” bounty program and tip line to pay awards totaling up to $100,000 to reward individuals who come forward with information proving violations of various laws in connection with the business of purchasing structured settlement payment rights. Violations include violations of state structured settlement protection acts, improper forum shopping, violations of state and federal deceptive and unfair trade practices act, and federal excise tax evasion.

Since the bounty program’s launch in August 2018, DRB Capital has awarded one payout and received numerous tips and credible information about these unfair, deceptive and abusive activities. Many of these violations are criminal in nature, including the routine falsification of information submitted to state courts as part of structured settlement transfer petitions.

Please visit for more details on how to participate in this program and for the full list of eligibility requirements.

About DRB Capital, LLC: DRB Capital is a leading purchaser of annuity payments and payments from structured legal settlements. The company offers liquidity and optionality to prospective sellers in need of cash who receive guaranteed and/or life-contingent structured settlements or annuity payments.

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'Austin Startup Tackles Literacy Rights for Under-Served Communities An Austin, TX start-up wants to make literacy free.'
Austin, TX, January 25, 2019  Starcrossers LLC is endeavoring to make literacy free.
This effort comes despite a recent US district court judge’s ruling that literacy “cannot be defined as a fundamental right.” The controversial ruling was issued after Detroit students sued for the right to learn from their schools - and lost.

“Not only is literacy a right,” declares Mary Wilkins, the company’s founder. “It’s a necessity. Educated people take the ability to read for granted, but it’s a commodity. According to, 36 million US adults can’t read. In 2017, the NCES said 32% of 4th graders are below basic reading levels, and 31% are at basic (partial mastery). These kids are already at high risk of problems down the road.”

“This isn’t just an education issue,” Wilkins continues. “It’s a social justice issue. Illiteracy is an unsung injustice in our society. There’s an undeniable link between illiteracy and poverty. People who can’t read well rarely get decent-paying jobs. They deserve the opportunity to build a better life.”

Starcrossers LLC plans to make a free, effective online reading-improvement game. Moreover, the company claims to have found the secret sauce to teaching reading skills. “We combine methodology with gamification,” Wilkins explain. “The methodology has been proven to raise reading skills in a short amount of time, and we’ll do our best to keep it fun.”

The game will benefit both English speakers looking to improve their reading skills and people looking to learn English as a second language.

“We can make a difference,” Wilkins asserts. “One person who learns to read better might later invent a way to de-pollute the Earth, or cure a disease, or anything. There are millions of brilliant minds out there that just need to be cultivated.”

To make the Starcrossers game a reality, the startup must raise the $250K required for development. “It seems like a lot of money,” Wilkins concedes. “But illiteracy costs the US economy billions every year. We can reduce that figure with just a quarter million.”

More information about Starcrossers LLC and its mission are available at The Starcrossers kickstarter page is at

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Aller Media Chooses ADvendio to Streamline Their Ad Management Processes Across the Nordic Region

Aller Media, the leading publisher of magazines and newspapers in the Nordic region, with a weekly circulation of 3.2 million copies, has implemented Salesforce-based ADvendio to streamline the advertising sales management process of its business units in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden with multi-currency support.

Hamburg, Germany, January 18, 2019 --ADvendio, a Salesforce-based advertising management solution for publishers and media owners, announces that Aller Media has deployed its application to consolidate their advertising operations for print, digital, out-of-home and events. The solution will manage the advertising lifecycle from quotation to billing.

By automating workflows, Aller Media looks to improve the collaboration between sales, operations and accounting teams. With a strategic driver to consolidate several different legacy CRMs in their business units, Aller Media was seeking a scalable cloud-first solution that was fully compliant with EU privacy regulations. It will also contribute to align a variety of third-party ad server, ad exchanges, flat planning software, and accounting system integrations.

Over the past 5 years, Aller Media has been transitioning from a traditional print media organization to become a leader in subscription and advertising sales in digital media. To consolidate its international vision, Aller Media was challenged to align its processes under one master order management system across the region, consolidating different languages and currencies in a geographically distributed team.

ADvendio will connect Aller Media full digital process with features such as its Salesforce-powered CRM, a rate manager, billing runs, availability forecasts as well as its invoicing, reporting and analytics tools.

Magnus Westmar, Business Relationship Manager - Marketing & Sales at Aller Media, explains: “Throughout this process, ADvendio have treated us as a partner, not a client. They have done everything in their power to make this project a success.”

Tina Jensen, Marketing Technologist says, “The project has different stakeholders, from sales, back office, finance, editorial, and IT, with challenging integrations and a tight rollout plan for the Aller companies in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.”

Klaus Wessel, Senior Technical Account Manager at ADvendio, is delighted with the results and appreciates Aller’s move towards a lean management process. “For this project, we were able to use ADvendio’s advertising sales management functionality for Aller’s essential business processes. We combined ADvendio’s digital ad server connections as well as integrations for print. Now ADvendio, Adportal, Preflight-System, and flat planning solutions are working hand in hand,” he says.

Tina Jensen is pleased with the end results of the implementation: “As a project manager, it has been fantastic to see how fast the users have adapted to ADvendio and the Salesforce platform. The sales reps have quickly understood how to create their advertisement orders in the system. In terms of project management, the ADvendio team has been great to work with. They have been there side by side.”

About ADvendio

ADvendio is an all in one cross-media advertising management software that is used by some of the best-known publishers and media companies in more than 25 countries. This Salesforce powered solution enables ad operation professionals to make the most of their print, digital, TV, radio and out-of-home advertising with a complete set of tools for every stage of the selling process.

Full process order management is standard with integrations to Doubleclick DFP, One by AOL, Smart AdServer and AppNexus while SSPs such as DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Adform and Rubicon Project are also supported.

Further information can be found at:

About Aller Media

Aller Media is a part of Aller Holding, the parent company of the media group in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Today Aller Media is the leading publisher of magazines and newspapers in the Nordic region with a weekly circulation of 3.2 million copies.

Further information can be found at:

'Fresno Locals Get a Chance to Relive Prom Night as an Adult'
Fresno locals get a chance to relive prom night as adults by attending this year’s Fresno Adult Prom in Downtown Fresno.

Fresno, CA, January 18, 2019  Fresno locals get a chance to relive prom night as adults by attending this year’s Fresno Adult Prom in Downtown Fresno. Hosted by Monisha Edwards, the brand strategist of Truth Branding Agency, the Fresno Adult Prom will be an elegant affair for all guests over the age of 21. This year’s theme is The Grand Royale, a royal affair where every guest is a King and Queen. There will be a live DJ, a full bar, a VIP dinner, VIP prom favors, a photo suite, and elegant vibes. The prom is being hosted to provide a unique experience for locals, bringing together professionals, socialites, and tastemakers alike for an evening of elegance, class and nostalgia. In 2017, the Fresno Adult Prom drew in with over 450 people to The Grand 1401 on Fulton Street.

This year, the Fresno Adult Prom welcomed a few sponsors and partners including the Downtown Fresno Partnership, the Men’s Wearhouse, Chick-Fil-A, Candyman’s Corner, Seasoned Trends Studio, Nations Barbershop, and The Black Tie Limos. Part of the proceeds from the event will benefit S.P.I.R.I.T., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that stands for Strong Positive Influences Reflects Independent Thinking, to help produce their first leadership cohort. Monisha currently serves on the board. SPIRIT’s mission is to uplift the city by empowering our people through education, networking, and leadership.

About the Fresno Adult Prom
Fresno Adult Prom is a formal event experience, bringing together professionals, socialites, and tastemakers alike for an evening of elegance, class, and nostalgia. For those who have never had the chance to attend the prom in high school, they will have the opportunity to fulfill that teenage dream. For those that went to the prom, they have an opportunity to relive that special night as adults. Tickets can be purchased online and more information about the event can be found at Tickets are on sale until February 24, 2019. Tickets cannot be purchased at the door.

To host an adult prom for Fresno locals, to bring a unique experience to event enthusiasts, and to support the efforts of bringing more foot traffic and entertainment to Downtown Fresno.

Truth Branding Agency
The Fresno Adult Prom

When: Saturday, March 9, 2019
Time: 6:00 pm - 12:00 am

Where: The Grand 1401
1401 Fulton St., Fresno, CA 93721

Invited Guests: Event Enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, Socialites, Local Business Owners, Entertainers, Community Leaders, Local Tastemakers and more.

Invited Media: Local Bloggers, FresYes Realty, ABC30, Fox 26, NBC 24, CBS 47, Fresno Bee, California Advocate, B95, Q97, The Business Journal, Central Valley Magazine, The Fresno Chamber of Commerce, The Clovis Chamber of Commerce, The Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce, The Collegian, Central California Life Magazine, Fresno State Magazine, CVLUX Magazine

Contact for Ticket Purchases:

For Press and Media Submissions
Email: [email protected]
With subject “Fresno Adult Prom Media Submission”

For Sponsorship & Partnership Inquiries
Email: [email protected]
With subject “Fresno Adult Prom Sponsorship Partnership”

'6th Annual Brain Health Summit at Super Bowl 53'

Atlanta, GA, January 18, 2019 The Brain Treatment Foundation (BTF) and Steinberg Sports and Entertainment (SSE) are pleased to announce the upcoming 6th Annual Brain Health Summit at Super Bowl 53 as the premier lead-in event for the 32nd Annual Steinberg Super Bowl Party.

After the wild success of hosting the Brain Health Summit in tandem with Leigh Steinberg’s Super Bowl event the last several years, the next Summit will take the annual brain health discussion to Atlanta. This year, they proudly turn their focus to childhood development and the future of sport.

During the 32nd Annual Steinberg Super Bowl Party they will bring together the most important voices in childhood development, brain health and sport to deliberate the future of brain development in youth – particularly as it is influenced by physical activity, environmental factors such as nutrition and education, and sport.

This year, Brain Treatment Foundation’s Nicole Fisher will be joining Leigh Steinberg during the party to present two new humanitarian awards, focused on honoring organizations and individuals that are making a difference in the brain space. This year’s Brain Health Innovation Award and Impact Award will be presented during the Steinberg party in tandem with the annual Steinberg-DeNicola Humanitarian Award presentations. Honorees will be on hand to share their work and attend the festivities.

Brain Treatment Foundation was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing necessary resources and funding for those needing treatment for brain injuries. Although combat veterans are BTF’s primary partners and patients, the organization treats anyone suffering from brain injuries and post-traumatic trauma. BTF also aims to organize key stakeholders and thought leaders from throughout the brain health ecosystem - specific to TBI and other neurological disorders - to disseminate awareness of and ways to promote and improve the most holistic science, technology and education in brain health. By connecting world class researchers, scientists, industry leaders and policymakers who are actively working towards identifying and developing innovative TBI prevention and treatment opportunities, BTF hopes to disseminate and apply recommendations that will be used for education, advocacy and improve public policy.

And what better place to do so than during the biggest sporting event in America?

For the past 30+ years at venues across the country, the Steinberg Super Bowl Party has been a feature attraction of Super Bowl week. This year, the legend continues in Atlanta. The party is described as a glittering extravaganza that brings together sports, Hollywood, politics, media, NFL owners, and some of the most powerful executives and companies in the country. And this year, individuals in attendance will have the opportunity to learn from and talk with the leading neuroscientists, health advocates, military officials, medical companies and entrepreneurs to ensure education, research and treatments that improve brain health are accessible to those who need it most.

Sponsorship Opportunities Still Available.

If interested, please contact:
Nicole Fisher [email protected]
Chris Cabott [email protected]

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"Immortal Works Press Releases Time-Bending Snow White Retelling"

"Shattered Snow" is a YA science-fiction retelling of Snow White, featuring time travel. It is based on the real-life history of Margaretha von Waldeck, a sixteenth-century countess that may have inspired the Grimm brothers’ fairy tale.
Salt Lake City, UT, January 17, 2019 
Even after hundreds of years of telling and retelling our favorite fairy tales, they continue to capture the public imagination. Snow White, in particular, has been made into countless animated and live-action films, picture books, novelizations, and even a popular television series. Surely it has been dissected and retold from so many angles that no one can bring anything new to the story.
That is where you would be wrong. Enter Rachel Huffmire and her Amazon #1 Bestseller, "Shattered Snow." In addition to charming characters and excellent writing, Ms. Huffmire’s treatment of this classic fairy tale features an unexpected element: time travel. And it works surprisingly well. Ms. Huffmire says, “Snow White is likely based on a real German countess, Margaretha Von Waldeck, who was poisoned at the age of 21. It was an added bonus that time travel seemed to fit so well into the folktale. In fact, a lot of fairy tales have hints of time travel in them.”
The enthusiastic response to her work speaks for itself. Within 24 hours of release, "Shattered Snow" hit #1 in Amazon’s Fairy Tales category and #9 in Time Travel. "Shattered Snow" has sold copies not only in the United States, but in the United Kingdom and Australia as well. Ms. Huffmire says, “I had personal queries about availability from people in Denmark, France, India, Sweden, and the Netherlands. One girl from England said there was a local seller there who sold out of copies, and wondered when the new shipment would be in.”
“After I had the idea for 'Shattered Snow,'” Ms. Huffmire continues, “I felt excited to see how many folktales are rooted in real-life stores.” Her next project? A similar retelling of Sleeping Beauty.
"Rachel Huffmire is an exciting new voice who takes familiar ideas about fantasy and time travel and shatters those expectations! 'Shattered Snow' is a beautiful reimagining filled with engaging new characters and fresh new ideas. Literary escapism achieved!" - Brian Crosby, Creative Director, Themed Entertainment
Plot Summary for "Shattered Snow":
In 2069, time-travel is restricted to observation and research. But Keltson Grammar doesn’t mind breaking a few laws. Known only as "The Mirror," Keltson runs an underground empire that rescues unfortunate souls throughout history. However, a single misstep could send an entire agency to reinstate his clients to their original dismal fates.
Lilia Vaschenko is a Russian mechanic surrounded by cinderblock towers, ladders she cannot climb, and a glass ceiling that holds her down like a casket. She'll do anything to escape - even work for the world's most wanted renegade.
Margaretha is a young countess, destined to be poisoned at twenty-one. But when she discovers a mysterious mirror in the woods that transforms the world into shadows and ice, her future shatters. Chased from her familiar home, will she ever find where she truly belongs?
Author Biography for Rachel Huffmire:
Rachel Huffmire grew up in the middle of a Utah wheat field where she found plenty of time to read and dream. After dabbling with writing novels and stage plays, she ran to the BYU bookstore for her first job. Behind the register, she watched local authors hold book signings and began dreaming up plots of her own. She currently lives in Southern California where she enjoys sand at its finest: the beach and the desert.

Follow Rachel on Twitter @RachelHuffmire

"Leona W. Ayers, M.D. Honored as a Most Influential Business Professional for 2019 by Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication"

Dublin, OH, January 17, 2019 
Leona W. Ayers, M.D. of Dublin, Ohio has been honored as a Most Influential Business Professional for 2019 by Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide for her outstanding achievements and high level of success for over 40 years in the fields of education and medical research.
About Leona W. Ayers, M.D.
Dr. Leona W. Ayers, M.D. currently serves as an Academy Professor of the Emeritus Academy at The Ohio State University in the Department of Pathology, College of Medicine, in Columbus, Ohio. She stepped down from her full tenured Professorship to join the Emeritus Academy in 2015. Dr. Ayers taught Pathology to medical students, pathology interns and residents, and medical technology students. While part of the Graduate School faculty, she directed 26 graduate and professional students.
In addition to being an esteemed member of the medical staff of the Wexner Medical Center where she has held various directorships and practiced pathology in the areas of Clinical Pathology, Medical Microbiology and Infection Control, Dr. Ayers was part of the consulting medical staff at The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Center. She currently holds medical staff privilege as a “Physician Scholar.” She is a member of The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and has been honored as an Outstanding Microbiologist in 1982, awarded the Earline Kutscher Memorial Lectureship in 1991, selected as Foundation Lecturer for the National Foundation for Microbiology Lectures Program for 1998-2000 and was elected to the OSU Emeritus Academy in 2014. She was recognized on the Reuters Billboard in Times Square in New York City and has been a guest on a recent Podcast.
Throughout her outstanding career, Dr. Ayers has been an invited speaker for 256 presentations at regional, national and international meetings and workshops, presented or published with colleagues 239 abstracts/posters at national and international meetings, 114 peer-reviewed Journal articles and 14 book chapters. Some of her recent publications prepared with her esteemed colleagues include:
“Genome-wide discovery of somatic coding and non-coding mutations in pediatric endemic and sporadic Burkitt lymphoma.” Blood. Jan 7, 2019.
“Associations between IgG reactivity to Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte membrane protein 1 (PfEMP1) antigens and Burkitt lymphoma in Ghana and Uganda case-control studies.” EbioMedicine Dec 19, 2018
“Mast cell activation and KSHV infection in Kaposi Sarcoma”, Clin Cancer Res., Oct 15, 2018.
“Evaluating the Causal Link between Malaria Infection and Endemic Burkitt Lymphoma in Northern Uganda: A Mendelian Randomization Study,” EBioMedicine in press on 10/3/2017.
“Burkitt Lymphoma Expresses Oncofetal Chondroitin Sulfate without being a Reservoir for Placental Malaria Sequestration,” Int J Cancer 140 1597-1608 on 4/1/2017
“Selective Inhibition of Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 5 Blocks Initiation and Maintenance of B-cell Transformation,” Blood 125 2530-43 on 4/16/2015
“A review of the Pattern of AIDS Defining, HIV Associated Neoplasms and Premalignant Lesions Diagnosed from 2000-2011 at Kenyatta National Hospital Kenya,” Infect Agent Cancer 10 28 on 1/1/2015
“EBV-Positive Grey Zone Lymphoma in an HIV Infected Man from Kampala, Uganda: Case Report,” Int J Med Pharm Case Reports 2110-116 on 11/15/2014
Dr. Ayers has been funded by National Cancer Institute (NCI) grants for the last 24 years. These grants were given to support her research interests and HIV/AIDS related cancer diagnosis capacity building in the U.S., sub-Saharan Africa and India. As a Principle Investigator (PI) of the NCI MR AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource, she organized and implemented the Sub-Saharan Africa Lymphoma Consortium with pathologist participants from East Africa (Uganda, Kenya), West Africa (Nigeria), South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town) and Europe. Dr. Ayers served as a leader in the first workshop in India on Research Methodologies for the study of HIV/AIDS associated malignancies. She has held memberships and served on committees of the College of American Pathologist and American Association of Clinical Pathologists, International Society Biological and Environmental Repositories and the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology. For the last 10 years, she has served as PI of the Cooperative Human Tissue Network, MW Division, Grant (CHTN/NCI/NIH).
After obtaining her B.S. in Zoology in 1962 from Duke University, Dr. Ayers graduated with a M.D., with Honors, from Duke University School of Medicine in 1967. She has been inducted into the Duke University School of Medicine Half Century Club. She holds a Certificate of Qualification from the American Board of Pathology in Clinical and Anatomical Pathology and has special expertise in infectious diseases pathology and research interests in HIV/AIDS related malignancies.
“People are forever interesting”—Leona W. Ayers, M.D.
To listen to Dr. Ayers’ Podcast on, go to
About Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is an international advertising, networking and publishing company based in Farmingdale, New York. They are proud to be able to satisfy their clients and continue to have repeat clientele due to their longevity and pride in their products and services. The Owners strive to connect business professionals to enhance their contact base and networking capabilities so they can get the acknowledgment and publicity within their industries and beyond. The Strathmore family has been providing these valuable services for over two decades. They target executives and professionals in all industries to be featured in their publication and on-line directory. Industries include business, law, education, healthcare and medicine, fine arts, IT, government, science, real estate, entertainment and many more accomplished fields. Professional profiles are listed in an annual hardcover journal and in a detailed, searchable database on the website


"Cristina Varner Promoted to Life Science National Practice Leader"

San Mateo, CA, January 17, 2019 
ABD Insurance and Financial Services announced today the promotion of Cristina Varner to Life Science National Practice Leader. ABD saw significant overall expansion and exceptional performance in 2018, due in large part to the growth and expertise of the Life Science Practice. ABD’s Life Science practice now serves approximately 300 clients, ranging in size from small venture-backed startups to multi-billion-dollar companies.
In the coming year, Cristina and her team will continue developing ways to best serve Life Science companies including: solving for complex coverage/claims issues, technology improvements to ABD’s Clinical Trial Portal, all in support of their goal to be one of the industry’s most exceptional life science broker teams.
“The Life Science industry is expecting significant growth over the next five years due to an aging population and the need for data analytics is enabling technological advancements for services like clinical trials. I’m confident that ABD’s solutions, combined with Cristina’s leadership, are uniquely positioned to fuel the market growth with these changing industry needs,” said Tom Whitenight, Senior Vice President and Founding Principal of ABD Insurance and Financial Services.
Cristina has over 20 years of risk management experience and is considered one of the industry’s foremost experts in complex product liability risks and global clinical trials insurance. Cristina joined the ABD Team in 2012 and since then, she has grown the Life Science practice from the ground up and helped develop and launch a proprietary electronic clinical trial portal that clients with international trials use to streamline and expedite clinical trials insurance.
“Life science companies are facing more and more complexity. ABD’s proprietary solutions help our clients easily identify global clinical trial requirements, secure custom coverages and access benchmark analytics, reducing time and costs,” said Cristina Varner. “I am honored to lead ABD’s Life Science practice on a larger scale with a continued focus on unparalleled innovation combined with our experience and expertise to respond to the unique needs of our clients.”
Cristina is located at our headquarters in San Mateo, CA and can be reached at [email protected]